Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi, is me again and I hope you like the mouse on this page. I love dragons and I found a place to get lots of different cursors. I am so exited because I found a free animating program that is awesome. I have made some cool 2D animations and I want you to check them out. You can go to and find my stuff. If you Search: Death by sewing machine and click on the model you can navigate your way to my other models. I rally hope you leave some comments on my models. When ever some one gives me a comment on some thing is feels good. And I like it. So, do you like this photo I distorted...OK, so I didn't distort it, so what? I think it looks so funny. "Its real". ;) But seriously...I wanted to show you some writing of mine so read this story.
Dr. P Binson in the present day is just a child and has almost nothing that makes him great or known by many. But as Peter grows and ages his mind will grow faster than his body. In fact his mind will lead him in to a billion dollar business.
Dr. Peter Binson will not become a medical doctor; he will become a robotic doctor. Infact that is the billion dollar business that will make him famous. But Peter is not just a business man; he is a thinker, and he doesn't just think about robots and other ways to make money. He thinks of life, time, god, politics, the people, and love.
In the year 2016 Dr. P Binson has graduated collage and got a job as an advanced robotics specialist. In that year he maid 500,000. To you and me that sounds amazing but in 2016 that is like the equivalent of well paid jet pilot, which is about 1-200,000. So he is doing pretty well in his time.
Peter's best friend from the 3rd grade is his business partner. His name is Gill (Vergle) Bruckner. Vergle is his nick-name. Vergle and Peter are now thinking about starting there own Software and Robotics Company. The only thing holding them back is time. In the year 2016 there is a law that says that you have to be at least 18 to own and run your or a company. Many people thought that that law was very unnecessary and not useful. But despite there business problems they still built robots and created new and better computer software. Soon in the year 2017 a huge media and electronics company stumbled upon Peter and Vergle's work and wanted to pay the 6.30,000,000,000 dollars if they could take over there work. Peter and Vergle told them they could but the company would have to but there name on all the products. The company took up the offer and made billions… meanwhile, about 2000 miles away from the company Peter and Vergle lay on a beach and bask in there glory.
Peter and Vergle never got any of the profit sails but they didn’t care. They had 6.30,000,000,000 dollars to spend.
The happiness soon came to and end when the 2 entrepreneurs started to do some small "dream" projects just for old time’s sake. But since they moved to the Caribbean they don’t have any idea of how popular they where becoming back in the U.S.
It was now 2019 and Peter and Vergle started to grow home sick, so they decided to go back to the U.S. and visit there families. But the minute they got off the air plane tons of photographers and reporters bombarded the 2. They fought there way through and in to a waiting taxi. From that day forward their lives would forever change.
When they got in to the taxi Peter leaned over to Vergle and said, "I wasn't expecting that". "Me neither". Vergle replied. The taxi took them to a hotel about a half mile away from the air port. When the taxi arrived Peter got out, and Vergle followed. Just as they stepped out reporters and flash bulbs crowded them. The taxi driver leaned over and saw the two men struggling to get to the hotel doors. She looked down at the knife she brought in case of emergency. She grabbed it and slipped it in to her pocket. Then she opened the door and got out. She jogged around the front of the cab and started pushing the crowd back. Her efforts started to work but then about 8 more reporters and photographers came rushing out of the hotel. She pushed agenced the crowd but there were just too many people. She jumped back and whipped out her knife. The people started to back away. Vergle leaned over to Peter and said, "Man this story is gettn' weird". Sorry guys, about the knife and all, but truly, I don't see many more ways to make a path so you can get to the hotel! Said the cab driver yelling over crowd. Well… thank you. Said Peter walking up to the cab driver. The three of them started to slowly walk forward towards the hotel. The reporters started to break up near the door. Then the 3 of them ran through the middle of the crowed and in to the hotel. Being the kind hearted man that Peter was he stepped over to the taxi driver and said. Since it’s already 5 I was just wondering if you would like to go get dinner and maybe a movie, with me? It’s kind of a bad time. Said the girl. I’m just saying that, you’ve been in a taxi all day and I’ve been on a plane for 5 hours. Let’s just go do some thing together. You do have a point. Said the girl. See, it would just be for fun…well it would still be a date. Said Peter raising his eyebrows. Ooo! Peters got a date! Said Vergle leaning over and in to there conversation. Then Peter took an innocent pose and with out moving the rest of his body he elbowed Vergle in the stomach. Oh, serious. Wheezed Vergle crunching over and backing up. Come on, let’s go. Said Peter smiling and holding out his hand. Ok. Said the girl hold out her elbow. Peter slipped his arm in to hers and the 2 of them walked out. The girl was a bit mad at her self for just going out on such a strange accession but her day had been a tough one and her whole week had been going awful and truly she thought she needed a break.
The 2 of them ran out in to the parking lot, through the wave of paparazzi and in to the cab laughing all the way. The girl slipped in to the driver seat trying to slow her laughing and giggling. Peter jumped in the passenger seat trying to do the same. Ok. Said the girl giggling. Where are we off too? I m thinking of a place 2 hours away, has the best pizza, and is in my hometown. Wait 2 hours away, that’s too far…isn’t it? Not with are technology. Said Peter holding his hand up. In his hand was a small strange remote.
What is that? Said the girl. This is “Peter’s Device”. Said Peter. Oh, cool. Said the girl leaning over to look at it. See thee P.D. right there in the mic? Said Peter. So does it open a time portal or something? Said the girl. Well kind of. Said Peter putting the Device on the dashboard. Watch. He said. He reached for the remote and pushed a little red button. This won’t hurt a bit. He said sitting up straighter in his seat. Positive Pie, Plainfield. Said Peter. Hold on. He said. Then the little red dot at the top of the device started to float just above the gray tip. Then it burst in to a reddish orange light with yellow streaks. It engulfed the entire car. Then…POOF! The car shrunk in to nothing and disappeared along with the people. Zzzzzzip, the car came to flying stop in the middle of a road. WOW! Said Peter. Oh, MY GOODNESS! Said the girl. They sat there for just a few seconds to catch their breath. What happened? Said the girl. We are now in a different state. Said Peter. What do you mean? Said the girl starting the car. That device flung us back in time and teleported us to here. Said Peter. Well, where is here? Said the girl. Here is two hours away by car but 3 seconds by device. Said Peter as the girl pulled the car in to a parking spot. I never got your name. Said Peter looking over at the girl. Promise you won’t laugh. I promise. Said Peter. My father loved theater and he named me Juliet, but every body calls me Julie. Julie, I like that name. It’s beautiful. Said Peter unbuckling his seat belt and opening his door. "Oh, you’re just saying that". Said the girl also unbuckling and opening her door. They got out of the car and Peter said. Yes, I am "just saying that". Said Peter. What? Said the girl with a serious face. She was joking, of course. Just kidding. Said Peter smiling. It was my Mothers name. He said walking up closer to her. No it wasn’t. Said the girl in, total disbelief. Well my grandmother, when she was a little girl, she found a play that Shakespeare hadn’t finished in one of her great-grandmother’s trunks in one of her, great-grandmother’s houses. So she saw the importance of this find and she named her daughter after one of the characters of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Wow, that’s amazing! Said the girl. Yes it is and…ladies first. Said Peter opening a door for her. She walked in to a wonderful pizzeria. Peter slipped in and stood next to her. Do you like it? He said putting his arm around her shoulder. It’s wonderful. Here, you have a seat while I order us some pizza. Said Peter walking her in to the back seating area. She looked around at all the little paintings and other cool little things. She loved that kind of stuff. You can have a seat anywhere you like. Said Peter. Made his back to the counter and ordered a large pepperoni pizza and 2 “XXX” Vitamin waters. Hey, do you think you could bring all this stuff to the table after I sit down? Said Peter. Yea, sure. Said the girl at the counter. Peter walked in to the back and sat down with Julia. So, the food will be here in soon and you like pepperoni right? It’s my favorite. She said. Good. Then a bright flash filled the room. The two of them turned their heads and looked out the window. They saw tons of photographers filling the windows. Then hundreds of flashes started to go off. Ok I have an idea. Said peter. He was frustrated about all the photographs. He stood up and held out his hand for Julia. Just as she stood up the door of the restraint swung open and tons of people swarmed in to get a picture. Just as they reached the dining aria Peter and Julia ran in to the back and in to the bathroom. What are you doing? Said Julia wondering what Peter was going to do. The photographers swarmed to the door and stopped just in front of it. “Should we go in?” said one of them thinking maybe…some kind of… “Love” was happening. All the other people could hear what he was thinking from the sound of his voice. 2 or 3 of them giggled. Personally I am getting tired if this press. So what I m going to do is transport us to my house, where we will be safe from the press. Said Peter setting his device of the lid of the toilet. What about your friend…Vergle? Said Julia. He has a homing device on his belt, so when you and me go to my house it will suck him along with us when we go. Why didn’t he come with us when we went here? Said Julia. There is a setting I can set for making him come with us or not. Did you set it? Said Julia looking over at him. Umm…but it was too late for Peter to answer her, the device burst in to another red and orange blast, firing them through time it self and in to Peters living room.
The three of them, Julia, Vergle, and Peter all stood there. I guess I did. Said Peter looking over at Vergle with a big smile on his. He started to laugh at Vergle because of his “pose”. Julia looked over at him and laughed too. Vergle was standing there. With his lips puckered, eyes closed and arms in the position of hugging some one as if he where going to kiss some one. Fantasizing again? Said Peter laughing. Vergle, unaware that he had transported opened his eye’s wide and looked around. Awkward. Said Julia holding her hands up. Peter walked over to his desk, Julia followed. Vergle let down his pose and stood there in a slump. Looking at the two of them he said. I was not fantasizing! And with out missing a beet Peter said. And her name was…Her name was…Story. Right. Said Peter knowing that was Vergle’s favorite name and when ever a situation like this one came up that was his usual name for him to say. What ever said Vergle knowing Peter didn’t mean it. Vergle and Peter where too much of good friends to really mean some thing like that. Peter rummaged throughout a pile of papers on his desk. So what are we doing here? Said Vergle walking over to Peter’s kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed 2 sodas. I’m looking for that old underground bomb shelter map. Said Peter. What? Said Vergle walking over and handing one of the sodas to Julia. Vergle looked over Peter’s shoulder and looked at the papers. Who’s this? Said Vergle looking over at Julia. Hi, I'm Julia. She said shaking hands with Vergle. I'm Vergle. Oh, I know I have studied some of your guy’s work. Oh that’s cool. Said Vergle. Found it! Said Peter. Cool, where is it? It looks to be in the middle of a Sahara. Said Peter studying the map. Yea and it looks to be in the middle of a remote, uncharted desert oasis. Said Vergle looking at the map. It looks huge. Said Julia also looking at the map. Let’s go. She said. Wait, what? Said Vergle. Yea, I'm afraid she’s right. Said Peter sitting up in his chare. Why? Said Vergle. Well you and I seem to be huge in the U.S. and Julia, now getting her picture taken with me. She is probably starting get huge as we speak. Said Peter. But figuratively speaking she is not huge at all. Said Peter. Thank you for that Peter. Said Vergle. But how are we going to get there? He said. We could just take the company jet. Said Peter. What? Said Vergle.
Peter led them up to the roof where there was a strange looking jet like air craft. I have 2 questions for you Peter. Said Vergle walking with the 2 of them. And they are? Said Peter walking with Julie. First! What is that?! And second: How and why do we have one?! Said Vergle gesturing. Well that is the A.S. Said Peter proudly. Well what does that stand for? Said Vergle looking at the thing and examining it. Well…Said Peter. It stand's for Air and Sea. Said Julie, interrupting Peter and looking at him. Peter smiled, looked at her and said. Now, how would you know that? Julie walked over to Peter and said. In my spare time I do some robot work and I have seen your design. She said looking in to Peter's eyes. Wait, how does she know that and I don’t? Said Vergle. And for that matter, when did you have time to build that?! Said Vergle looking at Peter. Vergle really wanted to know what was up with Peter's new friend. He wondered if she was a reporter looking fir the inside scoop, or if she may have been an F.B.I agent wanting to see some of their new robotic plans. But for the time being Vergle cared more about what was going on with Peter and this big "A.S" of his…witch Vergle had no apparent clue about. Vergle was stunned at what work Peter had done, but he really wanted to know where he got the time to build it, let alone make the plans for it, or research it, or fund it, and last but not least where the heck did Peter get the time to come all the way back to the U.S. and build it!
The tree of them got on the A.S. Peter sat in the driver seat and Julie and Vergle sat in the seats just be hind them. So what do you think? Said Peter swiveling around in his chare to look and the 2. I think it looks great said Julie looking around at all that sophisticated gadgets and electronics of the cockpit. I think it looks…expensive. Said Vergle. Peter turned his head and looked at him. I think it would have been even more expensive to build…right Peter? Yea, if you're wondering how and why I have this, I will tell you. I had a feeling about 6 months before we left for here that when and if we ever came back we might be swarmed with publicity, so what I had done was drew up a few plans for a few friends back home and sent them to them with about thirty billion dollars to help with the expenses. There was a moment of silence form Vergle. …and you never told me? He said. Well I was going too. Said Peter. No, no, its fine, this day has been weird enough and I think I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride. No, need to explain any more. He said sitting back in his chare with his hand on his lips to think. …ok, then. Off we go. Said Peter accepting Vergle's statement and swiveling around in his chare to face the controls. Setting course for Uncharted Desert Oasis. Said Peter.