Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey, guys. Do you like this picture I made? I first drew it then I scanned it. I out lined it and colored it in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Also Here is another sweet website that I think is cool:
Line rider is one of my favorite things I have found. I love to draw lots of little neat things on line rider then watch him ride the thing's I made. one Of my favorite thing's about line rider is the download-able screen saver. Don't worry it's safe! I have it and I love it! It will load the line rider tracks you have made and play them as the screen saver! If you haven't made any it will make randomly generated ones, but it's still awesome!
In later news...I have been signed up for a long time for a the old website sodaplay (will explain in a moment) but now the creators of the fist website have out done them selves with the new sodaplay site here: it is so awesome! you can make little walking or moving animations that are pretty complex. I think they have a link that will show you more in depth about how to do the soda stuff. Now don't go e-mailing me why it is called "soda play"...I don't know why! I havent really lokked around the knew soda site so they might tell you there.
I wanted to ask you some thing. I could't figure out how to get a "Scratch Animaion on to my blog and I was wondering if you knew how. If you do, e-mail me with the "how to's"
I wanted to tell you a story. Well I think I will tell you in...small parts of the story's like episode's. The story is about a 3 people and thier undersea adventures.
Stoty Will start next up update.


Tonya said...

Cool pic Bobby. I really like the way the arms drag the ground - good job. The colors are a little crazy but I wouldn't expect anything different from you. I'm going to check the rest now.

Tonya said...

Hey Adam is into drawing dragons - can you show him how it's done and send him some of yours. Thanks!