Monday, September 3, 2007

Got some more art...ness for...ya.

Hey guy's. It's September 3rd and Iam happy! I found a cool website it's called I like this site because it's stick figures! I love to draw little stick figure fights and wars, it just my favorite this about that "stick page" is the Madness Combat stuff. I really like the game and "stick page" has some cheats for it too. I like the first 4 movies but the last ones just get too..."gorie". But all-in-all I like the Madness Combat stuff. If you go to "" and go to "Art" there is some FREAKY art and some cool art. I like the web site. There are the movie's and there is the game. I think the best part of the web site is Madness Combat Game!

I am now 14 and for my birth day I got a PSP. I was pretty exited and it is one of the coolest things I own. I have 3 games for it and I like all of them. I have Star Wars: Lethal Alliance , Tiger Woods PGA Tour: 06, and Thrillvile. I like all of the games I have. I think they are all very good games. I like the PSP but I couldn't figure out how to put music on to it. I made me very frustrated.>

Here is some more art for you look at. I hope you like Robots. (because I sure do)

I drew these drawings in ms paint. The green robot was drawn on paint then his eye's were enhanced on Photoshop. The Robo arm was just done on Paint. If you like these drawings then e-mail me @ My main goal with you guy's is to e-mail you a picture or drawing each week. I want to share my art with the people. I am even thinking that if you e-mail me and ask if I could draw a certain genera of art, or type. I wont do custome orders or art but I will take small segjestions or like a "could you make it out too..." or "I like the Green Robot and could you send it to me" or "I like birds, and I wa wondering if you could draw me one"? You know... stuff like that.
I will get and put lots more art and drawing on here and I hope you e-mail me for more pictures. If you would like, you could go to a website that I like and that I really like. Todd Lockwood it one of my greatest insporation's and I hoboe you like his stuff too.
So that's about all for now, and one last thing: if you e-mail me I will e-mail you back with a little coment and the piture.

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Tonya said...

Man you got a PSP for your birthday - way cool. You have to tell us what games we can buy you for Christmas this year. I wish you could come here for Christmas but I'm not sure if we can swing it this year again. But we definitely want you to come out next summer - it will be Josh's last summer here before it goes off to college so it would be cool to take all you boys to Disneyland or something.